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Snow Covered Car

Professional Snow Removal

Creating Your Personal Oasis


Commercial Snow Removal & More!

When cold weather arrives with ice, sleet and snow, MARs Renovations is ready to swoop in and take on all of your professional snow removal needs. We know how stressful it can be to worry about the accessibility and safety of your home or business, so our team goes the extra mile by working around the clock providing you with quality snow removal and plowing services. As if that’s not enough, MARs Renovations even offers sidewalk shoveling, driveway clearing, parking lot snow removal, as well as laying down salt and deicer. MARs also offers free estimates and seasonal contracts for every winter season. What are you waiting for? Contact MARs Renovations today and we guarantee that you won’t need to worry about a thing.

Plowing Services

When MARs Renovations hears the weatherman calling for a storm, they know it's time to get to work! MARs Renovations is the leading name in professional snow removal in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin: when you need immediate relief from the hazards of winter snow and ice, MARs Renovations stands as your solution.


With an impressive array of equipment and personnel on hand, MARs Renovations offers comprehensive snow plowing services for everyone from private homeowners with driveways to managers of commercial properties. MARs has the dedication to service, manpower and equipment required to make sure all those acres are cleared quickly so everyone can access property safely: MARs Renovations has got your back!

Snow Removal You Can Count On

MARs Renovations is here to make sure you can always traverse the sidewalks of life with ease - no matter what Mother Nature throws our way. We are dedicated to providing commercial snow removal services that guarantee your sidewalk, walkways and steps stay clear of snow and ice build up. With MARs Renovations at your side you won’t have to worry about slipping and sliding in the snow again. If a storm remains in the area we'll keep coming back around so you can keep transversing those sidewalks, walkways and steps! MARs Renovations has got your back!

Snow Removal Services:
  • Snow Plowing

  • Sidewalk Clearing

  • Driveways and Store Fronts

  • Ice Control Treatments

  • Commercial and Residential

When those cold winter months roll around and your walkways, steps, porches and more are in danger of becoming icy hazards MARs Renovations has got you covered. We have an enormous stockpile of snow and ice treatments and are ready for the toughest blizzards. We understand that not everyone is able to use conventional salt for their snow removal needs and as a result have alternative options available to ensure your surfaces remain free from frosty adhesions. So, if you find yourself knee deep in a winter weather nightmare, MARs Renovations is here with an arsenal of solutions to help you make it through.

Image by Patino Jhon

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ready to upgrade your outdoor space like never before? MARS Renovations is here for all your landscaping needs - from residential to commercial! Our design team prides itself on providing you with a bespoke service that takes into account your vision and budget, plus gives you the satisfaction of knowing it's just perfect. We have plenty of experience when it comes to snow removal, so no matter the size of project, MARS Renovations can handle it! Get ready to kick back and relax while we turn what was once a dreamscape into reality - no challenge too big or small! So why wait? Let MARS Renovations help make your outdoor oasis look flawless today!

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